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JAVA Applications-ISO2859
Project Description

Economic Optimal Product Sampling Using Multithreaded Programming

Statistical quality control sampling of consignments (incoming or generated) by different companies is based on standards ISO, which in some cases lead to increased costs in relation to an assay that would be based on accurate parameters of the respective company. It would be advantageous to construct efficient application of the calculation procedure.

I am working on a project as back-end Developer to improve an algorithm for evaluation standard ISO 2859 .

The project will be deployed as a web based application .

The first stage of the project has finished as a web based application at September 2015 .
We test it at Lab on a VM server  CPU: 8-Core processor and  12Gbyte Memory 

Stefanos Vogiatzoglou Backend Developer 

Dimitrios Vamvakas    Frontend Developer




Economic Evaluation of ISO 2859 Acceptance Sampling Plans Used with Rectifying Inspection of Rejected Lots




The targets was :


  1. Construction in JavaScript (Web Workers) or Java (Concurrent – JOMP) An effective implementation calculating cost optimal parameters

  2.  Development of front-end services (import parameters, obtaining results) and back-end (multi threaded processing)

  3. The project that should be delivered, will have the meaning of a standalone installation to a powerful machine and central executing of data.

This project is addressed to companies carrying out respective statistical quality controls on incoming or outgoing products

tablea tableb

Project Details