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  • Mr. Vogiatzoglou is perceptive, very systematic in his activities and hard working. He possesses good organizational and management skills, and can work harmonically and productively as part of a team. He has experience in IT projects through his University projects and particularly through his work.

    August 29, 2012, Stavros taught Vogiatzoglou at Hellenic Open Univercityvia LinkedIn
  • Mr Vogiatzoglou studied Informatics at the Hellenic Open University and graduated recently. I had the opportunity to teach him a three-fold course (namely Software Design), including Object-Oriented Programming (Java), Object-Oriented Analysis (UML) and Compilers. Mr Vogiatzoglou received a high grade on that course (his score was on the top 95% for all years this course was taught).

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  • I have known Mr. Vogiatzoglou since the fall of 2007, when he took my two-semester course “PLI22: Introduction to computer networks”,  at the Hellenic Open University. This was a particularly difficult course because it was highly mathematical and involved plenty of homework. Mr. Vogiatzoglou was a very hardworking student with a strong desire to learn.


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